Can Bearded Dragons Eat Collard Greens?

Answer: Yes, bearded dragons can eat Callard Greens, it’s a great staple food that can be feed daily.

Have you ever wondered, “Can bearded dragons eat Collard Greens?” The answer is yes, they can. This leafy green is full of vitamins and safe for your bearnie to consume.

Not only are Collard Greens safe for bearded dragons, but they’re also good for them. Collards contain essential vitamins like A, and C, which are great for humans and bearded dragons, alike.

Collards are also loaded with calcium and antioxidants, and usually available year-round. They make for a great staple green, that can be fed to your beanie daily.

Greens lose most of their nutritional value when cooked. So collard greens along with most other greens are best served uncooked. Just chop or dice the leaves in small strips, and mix with other some other staple greens such as Dandelion Greens, Mustard Greens, Turnip Greens. By doing so, you will be providing your bearnie with a well balanced healthy salad.

Collard greens bearded dragon food list

Nutrition Information

High levels of phosphorus can block calcium conversion. Callard greens have 14.5 parts of calcium to 1 part of phosphorus, which makes them a great source of calcium.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

Protein2.7 g
Fat1.4 g
Sugar0.4 g
Water90.2 g
Calcium141 mg

Source: Wikipedia